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We're hiring programmers, curriculum writers, graphic designers, video editors, illustrators, motion graphic designers, copy editors and creative leaders to join our award winning curriculum development team!

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We’re a bunch of designers, illustrators, animators, videographers, engineers, and writers, and with our powers combined, we’re changing education and the way students learn.

The best thing about us is that we’re so different. We work hard, we play video games, and we make some really cool stuff that we’re extremely proud of. So, if you’re a problem solver, a story teller, or someone who likes to work hard, you might want to check us out.


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Through innovative technology and world-class design, SMLP’s mission is to build engaging K-12 education experiences that inspire learning.


Nurture creativity and collaboration in order to build the most engaging digital learning tools.

The work culture of SMLP is invigorating. I feed off the energy given by those who I work with.

Winston IsaacGraphic Designer

At SMLP, I learned how to challenge myself to go beyond my comfort zone.

Yanyan ElerMotion Graphic Designer

I like the highly collaborative culture of SMLP, everyone is ready to pitch in and help you out. And the managers are always there to support and guide you as well.

Adler SantosIllustrator

Work is not a chore, but a pleasure to go into every day. SMLP has made me happy about my work and in extension, myself.

Mickey De GuzmanIllustrator

SMLP is a safe space for creatives that nurtures collaboration, feedback and empathy to encourage the growth of both the product and the people.

Tom HiladoCreative Manager

I’m excited to create things that will help kids learn better.

Nico SiasocoGraphic Designer